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The world's leading Enterprise Automotive imaging solution

Vehicle photography studios with turntables

  • Budget systems for low to mid vehicle volumes
  • High vehicle volume studios including drive-thru
  • Bespoke studio design, to fit in awkward locations.

Image and video feeds to

  • Customer websites
  • Manufacturer's websites directly or via their systems such as Modix
  • DMS providers
  • Portals such as Autotrader, Motors, RAC Cars, Heycar etc.

360 spins on Autotrader and/or on your own website

  • We even provide the player to show the vehicles spins rotating on the likes of Autotrader.
  • We can host the service and give your website provider the facility to show beautifully presented 360 degree rotations of your cars, vans, and bikes.

Image and video automation software

  • Turntable control
  • Light settings
  • Camera control
  • Image naming, uploading
  • Reporting
  • ... and so much more.

The future of motor retailing

We may not be the biggest, just the best

Our 360 vehicle photography studios are used to produce stunning vehicle photographs, without the need for trained photographers in more than 25 countries.

We are renowned across Europe for producing the best vehicle imaging in the automotive industry. Like all innovative companies we have imitators, but when quality and exact colour representation together with speed and simplicity of use is important, no one has surpassed or equalled our imaging quality, accuracy and simplicity.
The future of motor retailing

Mediocre is not acceptable in a competitive world

The UK Automotive retail sector is worth £146 billion a year to the UK economy but with the growth of online retail sales the industry is entering a period of rapid change. Leading retailers, in other sectors, already collect over 50 per cent of their revenues on-line and those that do not recognise this change in consumer buying habits have suffered the consequences.
Motor manufacturers are already experimenting and developing new business strategies amalgamating “bricks and clicks”, integrating the showroom, online and mobile platforms to create an “Omni channel” shopping experience for new car buyers. The forecast is that 4 million new cars will be sold online by 2020, the same theory applies to used car sales too. The most successful car retailers will invest in their online presence as if it was one of their most important showrooms.

Digital sales will not replace the traditional showroom but will compliment it and provide an alternative buying solution. However, what is essential is that the sales platform provides transparency and all the information that a customer requires to confidently make a buying decision.

AutoLoad IT is committed and focused on providing the retail motor industry with the smartest most cost effective solutions to the rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

Our partners and clients who have invested in our vehicle photo booths have reported such things as:

reduction in “time in stock”
increased click-thrus on their websites
more click-thrus on automotive manufacturer portals compared with other comparable dealers.
The future of motor retailing

Drive more sales

It won’t be a surprise to anyone who knows about marketing that impactful pictures drive more sales.

The average car dealership in the UK has seen a massive drop in visitor numbers, often the first time a potential buyer sees the physical car, van or pickup is when they arrive to collect it. They’ve viewed and chosen the vehicle they want to buy based on the website advert. For example, if they’re looking on a web portal for a two or three year old Volkswagen Golf, all with similar spec’s and similar prices, which one’s do you think they click on?

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