Image and Video Control Centre software

An imaging solution without the right software is like a car without an engine.

Our AutoloadIT software ensures a smooth imaging process from start to finish and is designed with the premise that anyone should be able to use it. Most of the sites we have implemented employ their valeters to run the whole photography process.

The AutoloadIT ICC Desktop and IOS apps can be used in tandem or stand alone depending on your needs. It’s not essential to have an AutoloadIT studio in order to use our apps, they can be inegrated into your existing imaging solution. A trial version is available upon request.

ICC Desktop

AutoLoadIT ICC (Image Control Centre)

The Desktop application offers the following features:

  • Identifies vehicle via ANPR or look up (stock list).
  • Controls Lighting to optimise image results.
  • Collates images from all capture devices.
  • Auto Zooms selected images from the 360 spin.
  • Plots hotspots for Features / Imperfections.
  • Creates composite logo overlays (if required)
  • Labels all images to your requirements.
  • Detailed QC prior to upload.
  • Uploads a coherent image set to your chosen location (FTP, S3, AWS, GCP or Network drive)
  • Online report to monitor throughput and police image quality.


  • A reliable Ethernet / WiFi connection is required.
  • Recommended PC specification is Windows 10 operating system 8GB RAM with an i5 processor and SSD (or better)
IOS Application

AutoLoadIT image control centre for IOS

Our IOS application can run stand alone or it can work in tandem with our desktop application (for detail image capture).

The IOS app offers all the key functionality of the Desktop application. In fact, many of our customers use it in a studio (no PC in sight). It can also be used for outdoor shooting on sites where a studio installation isn’t viable.

The app offers the following features:

  • Imports vehicle stock data from your DMS.
  • Guides the operator through the image capture process with dedicated image masks.
  • Turntable or Walkround mode for capturing 360 spins.
  • Auto Zoom function to crop selected images.
  • Uploads a coherent image set to your chosen location (FTP, S3, AWS, GCP or Network drive)
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