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Handheld Mobile IOS camera app

The AutoloadIT Mobile app can be used standalone or in tandem with our desktop application for detail image capture.

Our IOS app was designed from the ground up for ease of use and enables operators to capture consistent, high quality images and upload these directly for publishing on your website.

  • Vehicle data is imported from your DMS system ensuring that all relevant vehicle features are captured. 
  • The app uses dedicated masks to guide the operator through image capture which ensures consistency.  
  • Capture modes include: “Handheld”, “Walkround” and “Turntable” modes to create 360 spins.
  • When using Turntable mode, selected “Hero angles” are automatically cropped and uploaded in addition to the full 360 spin.
  • All Images are collated, labelled and uploaded directly to your chosen end point for publishing to your website.

Shooting outdoors? No problem, the app can run in “offline” mode so that a number of cars can be photographed in a remote location and then uploaded once back in range of a WiFi Hotspot.

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Mobile App

Equipment required

  • Apple iPhone 11 PRO or above
  • A reliable internet connection for image uploads
Mobile App


Setup cost from as little as £249 depending on your requirements.

Monthly costs vary from £39 – £249 depending on your requirements.

As there are so many ways the app can be used, get in touch via our contact form or request a quote using the button below.

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