Feeds: Website, Portal and Manufacturer inc. Autotrader 360 spin

Web publishing to website and to portals

If you feed to portals such as a manufacturer’s approved vehicles website and the likes of Autotrader™, Motors™, RAC Cars™, Trusted Dealers™ etc. we automatically collate and send them your data.
Better than that, we do our best to do as many feeds per day as we’re allowed. And we format the data to create a better portal marketing record. Our AutoTrader™ feed mimics a record added manually onto their backend system, something that should be simple but as far as we’re aware only we are doing.
We can provide data to any website (assuming your website designer will allow us) through an API (application programming interface)

Your Website:

We can provide data to feed your website in a multitude of formats.

If you have a technically proficient website team/third party company, we would suggest they use our API (application programming interface).

If they already use a standard feed such as one of the Autotrader ones, we can send them the data in that format however, those formats do not support 360 degree photography, so bear that in mind if you are considering any of our advanced imagery technology, such as our turntable solution.

If they are less technical proficient and want us to provide the vehicle search, listings and more details we can do that too. We have a WordPress plugin for those whose websites are built in WordPress or if not we can show your website designers how they can drop an iframe into your website to give you the advanced website search features.

Note: Our website searches NEVER return a zero result!

If you require help or advice on your website design and build, SEO or anything else web related, call us, we’ll be happy to advise you on what we consider is the best route forward.


The vehicle portals:

We will feed your vehicles to all the portals you tell us within minutes of them being marked as “Published”. We cannot tell you how quickly the portals will process the data but the majority are now very good and will have your vehicles live on their site within an hour or two.
We feed all the major portals including:

  • Autotrader
  • Exchange and Mart
  • Parkers
  • Ebay
  • Vcars (AA)
  • Trusted Dealers
  • AutoExpress
  • raccars (RAC)
  • … and many more

If you need help or advice in relation to feeding your used vehicle data to any of the portals give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.


ManufactureRs websites:

If you are in a dealer network, most manufacturers will want you to send them your used vehicle data. These will display on their “approved used vehicle” section. As long as the manufacturer allows a data feed, we can provide it.
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