Vehicle Photography Studios TO CREATe high impact 360° imagery

Whether you call it 360 vehicle photography, automotive or automobile imaging, creating top quality consistent 360 degree images and videos of cars, motor bikes, vans and other commercial vehicles is an art.

The mechanics are simple however, the complexity of lighting what is in effect a multi-faceted mirror is not easy. If you use the wrong lighting, or even the right lighting in the wrong way, you will compromise the quality of your photographs or video. We build our studios not by guesswork but by using the world’s leading experts in studio and lighting design. We model every one, so we know before we build what the camera will see and how well the vehicle will be presented.

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Photography studios or booths are standard in just about every other professional adverting medium, but historically used cars and vans have been photographed out in parking lots in all sorts of weather. Those dealerships still doing imaging in those ways may have completely legitimate reasons for doing so, a lack of space, not sufficient available funds or just not willing to invest, but we know from our clients statistics that high quality images sell a vehicle quicker and potentially for more money. Speeding up stock-turn means more space, which potentially means more sales.

Please bear in mind if you do have an existing turntable or even a studio with a turntable and you wish to improve the output quality, we are adept at taking over third party turntables and making use of existing blackout materials. You may have a purpose built building for the studio or are thinking of building one, if that is the case, let us know and we can advise the best course of action.

There’s no getting away from the fact that to do it properly will mean sacrificing space and money. We have therefore designed a range of studios to cater for your vehicle volumes and budget.

BUDGET iPhone Studio

Vehicle volumes: From 0 to 25 vehicles per day (although 35 to 40 is achievable)

If we made the studio any smaller than this one, we wouldn't put our name to the imaging. This studio has been designed around using our mobile iOS app to control everything, thus there's no need to invest in a PC or DSLR camera. The system comprises a turntable, diffused LED lighting, background and purpose built studio structure. The budget studios are modular, so if you are intending to place the studio in the corner of a room, we may be able to use existing walls to do away with part of the studio shell and coverings.

Eco Studio

Vehicle volumes: From 0 to 40 vehicles per day

These studios are designed to be compact and economical, yet utilise a mirrorless DSLR camera to achieve beautiful imagery. For lower volumes, we can slow the process down and use less lighting thus saving money, higher daily volumes mean we need faster spins and therefore more lighting. The ECO studios are modular, so if you are intending to place the studio in the corner of a room, we may be able to use existing walls and ceiling to do away with part of the studio shell and coverings.

Bespoke Studio

Vehicle volumes: Depends on the requirement and the suitability of the building

If you have an awkward space, or need a studio with vehicle access points where lights would usually go, we can provide a bespoke solution. This requires us to do a full site survey to see if a studio is possible in your space and if so, we will create 3D imagery to provide a visual representation of what you will see when the first images are shot.

DRIVE-THRU Studio (high volumes)

Vehicle volumes: From 20 to 100 vehicles per day

For high volume sites such as centralised prep centres or car supermarkets or where the workflow means a drive in one end and out the other works best, this design is the answer.

360° Studios

How it works

We provide an automated vehicle turntable, purpose built photographic studio structure, professional LED lighting and a high quality mirrorless camera. All components work seamlessly together with our dedicated AutoloadIT software to photograph and upload the images of your used vehicles.

The vehicle registration can be read automatically using our ANPR system and the photographs added to the vehicle’s data record via our software, ready to be marketed. The whole process, including preparing the data record can be done in less than 10 minutes depending on your required image set. If your website is linked directly to our software, your vehicle will be live the instant you hit the ‘Publish’ button, with high quality static and 360° spin images. Our high resolution images can be magnified for your customers to see all the details, something that video simply cannot provide.

We can also send feeds to portals such as Autotrader, Motors and manufacturer’s approved vehicles websites.

360° Studios

Entry stage

Give us a dedicated photography area (external or internal) and we can utilise existing walls or even fencing covered appropriately to provide a suitable backdrop. The installation of a turntable will ensure consistency in imagery and vastly improved efficiency (a car can be photographed in less than 10 minutes depending on your required image set).

360° Studios

Photography studio options with professional lighting

As highlighted above, we offer a range of studio solutions to suit your needs. The ancillary equipment ie. lighting and camera equipment is determined by your speed and volume requirements. To operate each studio requires the AutoLoad IT Image Control Centre which is detailed here.

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